In November of 2006 I wrote about a programming contest hosted by Josh Coates and his merry band over at Mozy. Josh is up to his old antics again, and a week from Saturday (April 14), he’s holding a 2nd Code “Deathmatch.”*

The geek action starts at 10AM. Last time they split the $10k among a handful of finishers. This go-round they’ve upped the ante to $20k, which will be dispersed according to this formula: f(x) = (20000/2^x)*1.0039231 (Which is Josh’s curious way of feigning the arcane by including an almost-one multiplier on an otherwise straightforward division.) I’ll break it down for you:

  • 1st $10,039.23
  • 2nd $5,019.62
  • 3rd $2,509.81
  • 4th $1,254.90
  • 5th $627.45
  • 6th $313.73
  • 7th $156.86
  • 8th $78.43

Get more details and register.

* No actual death is involved

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