In response to competing and utterly merit-less claims from Prince H.H. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb (Regent, Antarcticland Government) et al, I, Ryan Byrd, do hereby, on this day, September 14, 2011, announce exclusive claim and ownership of Marie Byrd Land (on the Antarctic continent between 103W and 158W) as explored by my relative Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1929. This territory is heretofore to be known as the Sovereign Nation of Marie Byrd Land and all powers, rights and authority in her governance rest solely in me.

Who owns Marie Byrd land? The answer is nobody, now ME. Marie Byrd Land is a big swath (1,610,000 km²) of land in Antarctica (east of the Ross Ice Shelf, if you want to get specific.) My famous ancestor, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, explored the area in 1929, and named the area in honor of his wife. I just claimed it, officially.

Most of Marie Byrd Land (the portion east of 150°W) has not been had not been claimed by any nation. It is not a recognized nation, making it by far the largest single unclaimed territory on Earth. As such, I’m hereby claiming it now as a sovereign nation. For your information, as far as I’m aware, there is only one other unclaimed piece of land on Earth, the Bir Tawil Triangle (not actually a triangle), between Egypt and Sudan. I’m also claiming that too.

I suppose to claim land you need 1-a basis for the claim and 2-to be a sovereign nation. Acquring land is an important step in becoming a country. Foriegn Policy magazine once published an article “How to Start Your own Country in Four Easy Steps.” Those steps are:

  1. Acquire land
  2. Acquire a population
  3. Create a constitution and a functioning government
  4. Behave like a real country toward other countries.

We’ll need a flag, obvious, and a country name (Antarcticland is taken…). Most of our revenue will come from our domain name sales of our new TLD. I think The Nation of Byrd Land sounds good.

Here’s a wikihow article on Nation Starting.

Will you join my country?

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