Rapid evangelicals commonly rail against Mormons as if Mormons were the scourge of the earth. Recently one evangelical lunatic even said, “A vote for [Mitt] Romney (because he is Mormon) is a vote for Satan.” Why all the hate? It’s simple– the evangelical congregational numbers are threatened.

Protestants like to go off on how weird Latter Day Saints are, but it’s not the Saints’ weirdness that frightens them, it’s their normalcy.* Ever been to a Born Again Christian revival? Full of crazies. Been to an LDS ward lately? 3 hours of boredom. The meetinghouses are chock-full of normal, largely dull people talking about families and Jesus and doing good to others. How absolutely unexciting. Yawn.

Whereas our pseudo-Christian brethren are yelling and carrying on about all sorts of nonsense, Mormons keep it real– by focusing on practical instruction on how to be a better person, a better father or mother, sister or brother, a better citizen, a better disciple of Christ. You don’t see MOs picketing outside other Christian get-togethers, trying desperately to incite violence with incendiary rhetoric and actions. You will, on the other hand, always spot vicious boogles of insane anti-Mormon Christian protesters outside every LDS General Conference.

If Jesus came back today (or this Saturday at 6pm) which Church would He recognize as closest to his original teachings? You decide.

* It’s not *just* the normal-ness of the LDS people that’s an affront to the born-agains. It’s also the LDS theology– it just makes sense. God has a body. Jesus is a separate person from Heavenly Father. This life is a test of how we use our agency. Our goal is to return to Heaven to be like God. The Holy Ghost helps us. If you follow Jesus, you’re blessed. Simple. Elegant. Awesome.

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