Everybody has New Year’s Resolutions, which we promptly break. These are different– they’re REVOLUTIONS!

Here is what I will do this year, 2013:

  1. Get nominated as “Man of the Year” in some magazine
  2. Become hooked on and bravely recover from an addiction to FunDip
  3. Build a giant rocket in my backyard
  4. Develop a convincing British accent
  5. Post a video blog of me Moon Walking
  6. Work at McDonalds for a week
  7. Buy an acre of land in the desert, rent a backhoe and see how big of a hole I can dig
  8. Use more Latin in casual conversation
  9. Become a world-renowned pastry chef
  10. Write and publish a book, “Success in Raising Awesome Kids”
  11. Release a killer iPhone app
  12. Learn to fly a helicopter
  13. Win another competitive eating contest
  14. Host a gallery showing/open house of my paintings and sculptures
  15. Memorize the names of all the countries in the world
  16. Sing for money on a subway train or on a bus
  17. Unsuccessfully quit Facebook, again.

What are your New Year’s REVOLUTIONS? List them here: http://www.43things.com/

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