Surprise, surprise– a new report out this week shows that the TSA is wasting our money, hand over fist. Why aren’t you incensed yet? No, I don’t get tired of denouncing the TSA. They’re overwhelmingly obtuse and they deserve it. Oh, and another report this week show that the TSA doesn’t test their machines for safety.* What does the TSA stand for?** (besides pedophilia?)

  • Team Sexual Assault
  • Touching Sensitive Areas
  • Theatrical Security Agents
  • Taking Scissors Away
  • Touching Stuff Aggressively
  • Too Stupid for Arby’s
  • Trampling Several Amendments
  • Teaching Submission to Americans
  • Terrorist Support Agency
  • Terribly Senseless Antics
  • Trampling Servile Americans

Here is some more TSA reading material: Nobody is safer when you take my water. Remember,  if you don’t allow the TSA to rape you, the terrorists win!